Patio Covers

Our high-quality, Canadian-made patio covers are perfect for your backyard. 

Patio Covers from Pacific Home Products

For many people, their patio is one of their favourite spots, a place to relax outside, listening to neighbourhood birds and enjoying a fresh breeze. But sometimes, the patio isn’t as enjoyable as it could be. Maybe the Saskatchewan weather isn’t cooperative, or the sun is too intense. Perhaps you feel too exposed, particularly to neighbours looking out their upper-floor windows. Or it may be that something seems to be missing aesthetically. Any of these factors can reduce your enjoyment of your patio and lead to it being used sporadically or even not at all, but there is a remedy. Whether you’re looking for your home in Saskatoon or your recreational property at the lake, a patio cover from Pacific Home Products can help address these issues and more.


We had an existing roof with supports on an outdoor patio area which we wanted screened in. Not only did PHP give us a reasonable quote and start date, but they also delivered what they promised. They were interested not only in getting the job done but done right. The end product is exactly what we wanted, looks great, and is expertly crafted. We would certainly use them again.

Anthony Bidulka

Invest in a Pacific Homes patio cover; we’ve got you covered.


 A patio cover from Pacific will transform your deck or patio into a pleasant, covered area for enjoying the outdoors while at the same time keeping the sun, rain, and snow off you and your patio.

Patio covers not only protect people. They also protect your patio furniture and any other items you might keep on your patio. Over time, the harsh Saskatchewan elements can cause patio furniture to look old and worn. But with a permanent roof protecting your possessions, you can help to extend the life of these items.

Always made to measure, our patio covers will fit almost anywhere: decks, patios, and walkways, and they can even be used as a carport. The Lifetime patio cover can also be used at a future date as the roof for a screen room or even a sunroom, should your needs change.

Features Include:

  • Made from maintenance-free aluminum which you can expect to last a lifetime.
  • Solid roof pans, glass, or acrylic panels.
  • A concealed gutter system is built in for a pleasing, finished look.
  • Supported by maintenance-free aluminum posts and beams.
  • All patio covers are engineered to meet Saskatchewan snow load requirements.
  • Professionally installed by our own fully trained employees.


Brand We Stand Behind for Our Patio Covers

    • AAA Aluminum Products

      Steeped in core values of quality, service, loyalty, and care AAA Aluminum Products have consistently improved their quality assurance processes to manufacture only the best, most reliable products. They are committed to designing new and complementary aluminum product lines that offer more choice and create more opportunities for our existing and future customers. If you are looking for a patio cover, then the obvious choice is a AAA Aluminum Product. 

Patio Cover Projects

Check out the Pacific Home Products Patio Cover  Gallery to see patio cover projects completed by our team. If you are interested in getting a quote for a patio cover, or if you have any questions please contact us today