Roll Shutters

Energy efficient, light and noise reducing protection for your home.

Roll Shutters from Pacific Home Products

Roll shutters, also known as roller shutters or roll down shutters, provide an effective barrier against break-ins, vandalism, and severe weather. Whether your protecting your home or business in Saskatoon, the lake, or anywhere in Saskatchewan, choose Pacific Home Products!

With Pacific Home Products, you can be assured of quality service and installation. Factory trained installers provide professional service and workmanship. For your home, recreational property, or business anywhere in Saskatchewan, we have the products to meet your needs.

A Pacific Home Product Roll Shutters Protect, Secure, and Save Your Property.

Pacific Home Products’ roll shutters provide a formidable defence against burglaries, vandalism, and bad weather, offering effective security and protection for your property. Effortlessly operated with manual, motorized, or remote controls, our roll shutters feature insulated aluminum profiles housed within durable aluminum frames. Secure your store, cabin, or home in Saskatchewan with ease, whether for a single day or throughout the entire season.

Storm Protection

Protect your property against the harsh elements and don’t worry about storms or flying debris.

Enhanced Security

Secure your property against intruders and deter vandalism with our specially designed-security shutters.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated profiles block the sun in warm months and trap heat indoors during cold months. They also provide an effective barrier against light and noise.


Strong, secure, and durable, they glide easily into place when you need them and retract into a convenient overhead box when no longer in use. 

  • Different shutter slats provide different features and levels of privacy and security
  • Graffiti proofing available
  • Manual, electric, and remote control operated
  • Optional environmental sensors
  • Stainless steel components
  • Insulated aluminum profiles with aluminum housing and frame
  • Compatible with home/building automation products 

Brand We Stand Behind for Our Rollshutters

    • Talius

      Discover the diverse range of Talius roll shutter profiles tailored to meet your needs. Each profile, excluding Safe View, is fortified with polyurethane foam, ensuring insulation and safeguarding against the elements and pests. Specifically engineered for security, Safe Mini boasts a robust resin/polyurethane core. Elevate security further by pairing Safe Mini with the innovative SafeGuard End Retention Rail System. Experience unparalleled protection with Talius.

Roll Shutter Project Gallery

Check out the Pacific Home Products Roll Shutters Gallery to see sunroom projects completed by our team. If you are interested in getting a quote for a roll shutter, or if you have any questions please contact us today